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In addition to working in the IT industry, I have always had a general interest in technology and an interest in business as a whole. I grew up around members of my family who have owned and developed various businesses. So having an entrepreneurial approach is second nature to me. I have twice run my own businesses (each time selling them) and am sure I will do so again. However, technology is at the heart of my skills and I am always on the lookout for a new idea or opportunity.

CP/M handbook I have been around the IT industry since before IBM did its deal with Microsoft when they launched the first PC in 1983. I was using Microsoft products before this (MS Basic on CP/M) so have seen them grow from a small company, through the development of Windows to where they are today. For this reason, I have always had a lot of time for Bill Gates. I have also seen the highs and lows that Apple have been through from their early days (my first commercial application was personal finance software written for an Apple IIe in 1981). Whilst I am not keen on Apple (the company) today, I am a great admirer of Steve Jobs too.

My favourite operating system is very much Unix / Linux. I remember first using a version of this on a Perkin Elmer mini computer in 1986, then moving to use SCO Unix System V as an alternative to PC DOS on the original IBM PC XT and AT machines. Ubuntu Now, with the addition of Gnome or KDE (I never liked X), it is even better as Linux, combining the best of both worlds of a GUI interface with command line scripting. So, although I still use Windows XP and 7 (now using VMware), my OS of choice is the Linux distro Ubuntu.

Now my main role is developing and managing web site and Intranet technology for a local organisation, which allows me to keep up to date with the latest web technologies and participate in the community.

TWiT Tech Guy TWiT Network logo In 2005, I discovered a guy doing a technology radio show in Los Angeles. Today, Leo Laporte has a national technology radio show across the USA and is also the owner and main host of the popular TWiT network on the Internet. Leo"s TWiT network is a great way to keep up with the tech industry with some excellent netcasts (like Security Now and This Week in Google) in addition to the weekend radio show.

I am not going to write a lot of articles about the latest technology here; there are others that are doing this far better than I have the time to do. However, I will put interesting articles in here about various aspects of tech from time to time.

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