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My baseball tram, the Boston Red Sox I am a big Boston Red Sox fan. They are one of the American baseball teams in the American League East division. Their home ball park is Fenway Park which is, of course, in Boston, Massachusetts and I have been there many times to see my team play. I have been interested in American baseball for nearly twenty years. I originally chose the Red Sox as my team from watching Cheers (my favourite TV programme), as one of the main characters (Sam Malone) who owned the bar had previously been a pitcher for the Red Sox.

Fenway Park

The home of the Red Sox is one of the oldest stadiums of all the Major League teams, built in 1912. The most famous part of the stadium, is the "green monster". This is a 30ft green wall, in the left outfield. It is called this as the height of the wall makes it very hard for players to hit the ball over it, to score a home run.

In recent years there has been a great deal of discussion about creating a new ball park for the team.

My first visit

I first went to see the Red Sox play on a Saturday in May 1993. Roger Clemens pitched (the best for the Red Sox at the time) one of his best games of the season to beat the Toronto Blue Jays. It was a very hot day and as we were sitting in the "nose-bleed" seats (on the roof), I managed to get sun-burned! It was a great day to be at the ball park. The only thing is I did not see the Red Sox score a home run.


I will update this part with details of some records for my favourite team.

One of my earliest memory of the Red Sox was the World Series of 1986. Particularly Game 6. Most fans remember (or not!) this game. They went into the game 3-2 up against the New York Mets and it is the best of seven games, Boston only needed to win one more to win the World Series for the first time since 1918. It was at Shea Stadium in New York and Boston were leading going into the bottom of the 9th (and last innings). They got two of the three outs required and were, at one point just one strike away from getting the last out needed. At this point New York"s Gary Carter hit a ground ball towards first base and Bill Buckner. He simply needed to pick the ball up and get the last out needed. Instead the ball went through his legs and New York scored. New York went on to win this game, game 7 and the World Series.

What made this really bad was listening to the game (early hours of the morning UK time) and watching the F1 Japanese Grand Prix on television (my other favourite sport). At virtually the same time as the game went against the Red Sox, Nigel Mansell"s tyre blew up and it cost him the F1 World Championship. So it was not a good night for me!

How to keep up with my team

As I have been used to reading the USA Today newspaper when I am in America, I have got into the habit of using their web site to keep up to date, during the season, on the progress of my team. Their baseball coverage is very good and they have reports on each game and all the stats, tables, etc.
For those of you in the UK and if you have teletext, go to page 383 on BBC1 Ceefax (during the season). They list the previous nights results, today"s games and each of the tables.
There is also the official Boston Red Sox web site, which has lots of information about the team, its history, Fenway and current results. Tickets can also be ordered online here.