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Live a Memorable Life

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I recently discovered this list of ways to live a memorable life. The list is by Lorrin L. Lee.

PRIORITIZE your life

Determine what"s most important to you in life. Put them down on paper and in your heart. Do them daily.

Write down your DREAMS

Then, turn them into goals. Next, turn your goals into tasks. Then, turn your tasks into steps.

Then...BEGIN on your tasks: Now!

Set completion dates. Make it happen!


To help you determine an ideal life for yourself.


Show your goals and plan of action to someone who has achieved them and ask for advice. Why reinvent the wheel?

Never settle for less than the BEST

Do not compromise on those things that are most important to you. You get what you settle for. Settle for only the best in life!

LEARN from other"s mistakes

It"s cheaper and less painful than your own.

FOCUS on what you want

Not on what you don"t want or your present situation. You get what you focus on, so focus on what you want...every moment.

Make others feel IMPORTANT

With a compliment, hug, fax, letter, email, gift and most important, your invaluable time.

HEALTH is your #1 priority!

Achieve and maintain excellent health. Only with good health can you enjoy your wealth! While benefiting all concerned.

DO what you enjoy!

While benefiting all concerned. That"s it!

RELAX and be at peace

Be calm. Peaceful. So you can act appropriately and wisely under most situations.

Get plenty of REST

To recharge and energize your body and spirit.

Drink lots of distilled or purified WATER

To cleanse and lubricate your system. This also helps to keep your skin moist and youthful. It"s the most healthful beverage.

TRAVEL more to experience more

Broaden your horizons. Learn how others live. Be adventurous to enrich your life!

TAKE RISKS to move ahead in life

Especially when you have little to lose and much to gain. You"ll learn from many new experiences which will add to your life.

Learn something NEW daily

This is the secret of happiness. Notice that when you are learning something you want to learn, how happy you are!

Aim for EXCELLENCE in all things

No matter what job you are doing or what profession or business you are in, aim to be the best you can be. The better you get, the better you are!


A little gain is better than no gain daily. Do this in all areas of your life. Never stop improving!


To organize your life. Master it so you can learn faster and be more effective in all that you do. You"ll be amazed on how much it can help you grow faster and bring out your natural talents for increased creativity. Also, get on the Internet, have your own web site. Earn income online.

Develop SPEED for productivity

Challenge yourself to achieve faster with less effort and money. Be super effective!

Success is a JOURNEY

Not a destination. Always keep this in mind. It"s the gradual progression toward your goals that"s important. Enjoy the journey!

DON"T COMPARE yourself with others

There will always be people who achieve more or less than you. Why discourage or frustrate yourself? Do your best, that"s good enough!

Build a REPUTATION of integrity

This is all you really have. Build it on integrity, honesty, being reliable. Be patient, it takes time. It"s well worth all the effort.


Simply do things that are important and memorable to you. You are in total control!

Enjoy a SIMPLER life

Specialize in making your life a work of art. You are the artist. Life is easier when it"s simpler. Make your life a masterpiece!

Spread KINDNESS worldwide

Those who display it least often Ñ most likely need it the most, Be kind, always!


At least a 30 minute walk. Alone or with a good companion. Use it to enjoy nature and to clarify your priorities and goals.


Visit natural food stores. Read books about eating healthfully. Talk to healthy people. Learn so you can live to a glorious 100!


Set daily goals in the evening for the next day. Determine a reward for yourself after you accomplish your day"s goals. Make them reachable and challenging for each day.

SMILE FIRST - it"s contagious!

Be friendly and appropriate. Give a smile to someone new daily.

Think "WIN - WIN"

In all situations for all concerned. When the world thinks and acts this way, we will have world peace. Let it begin with you!

READ MORE to learn more

On subjects you enjoy. Make time for it. A top priority. You"ll be amazed how much this will benefit you and others.


Be the best you can be and inspire others to do the same.

Live your life to the FULLEST!

Make every second of your life count. Fill your life with joy, pleasure, bliss, giving.

MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the world

You have a lifetime to contribute to the betterment of the world because you have lived. How will you contribute? Do it now!

Have more FUN - more often!

Enjoy what you are doing now, the next hour, the next day. Look at each situation as a lesson in life. Have fun in learning from each situation, no matter what it is!


So, you can forgive and love yourself. Then, keep moving on with your life without burdens.

CONTRIBUTE to others

When you contribute to other people"s also contribute to your own.


Make your life a miracle of happiness!