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Like all the other hammies, I will let Toast introduce herself ...

Toastie eating a treat!

She is a brown and white hammie with a couple of sable patches and was born at the beginning of July 2006.
She is also a very mischievous and brave hammie.

She came to live with us on 1st September 2006 although we found her on 31st August.
Within a couple of hours of being with us, she was happy to come out and explore.

Toastie is not a young hammie these days and I have been worrying for some time that I had not got many pictures of her (or any video either, now that I am doing video too). So when recently, I had a day at home and she was up during the middle of the day when it was so sunny in our lounge, I thought that I would give her the chance to explore the lounge without being in her exercise ball, which is the usual way she gets to explore.

I took quite a bit of video of her while she was exploring the lounge and generally having fun. Like most hammies, Toastie always has always been curious and loved exploring. She certainly made the most of her time and I had a job keeping up with her!. And because of how good the light was, the video came out really well.

I hope to be able to do some more video of Tostie although now she is not very active, even in the couple of months since I made this video. This has shown me though that it is a lot better to make video rather that just take pictures of our hammies, especially as it is very often difficult to get them to pose for the camera. Apart from Bailey, of course, who did love having his picture taken!

Toastie died peacfully on 23rd November 2008.
As I write this, it has only been a few hours and I miss her so much already.

The video here was taken about six weeks before she died.

It has been a week now since she died and it seems so strange her not being around as she was such an active hammie; always wanting to come out for a few hours exploring in her exercise ball. It was only the day before she died that was the first time that she did not come out for a run; which is how we knew was not a good sign.

Photos of Toastie

Toastie eating Christmas dinner

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Video of Toastie

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Toastie having fun.
Video taken on 9th October 2008.