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I"ll let OJ introduce himself ...

My favourite picture of OJ

OJ is a cinnamon, short haired hamster, born on 23rd March 2004. OJ is short for Orange Juice.
His mum is called Dove. She is a very light brown colour. His dad is called Eddie, who is also a short haired cinnamon.

OJ is really my own first hamster, although he is not mine; he is his own hamster and I say that he lives with me! PC, EG and Custard are really hamsters that live (and lived) with my best friend, Susan.

OJ died peacefully in the early hours of 19th November 2004, shortly after being diagnosed with cancer of both kidneys.
I am writing this on the day he died and I miss him so much already. Rest in peace my little friend.

One of the many things I will always remember and know that I will miss so much about him was when he was out playing in my bedroom and I was working at the computer, after he had been out for 10-15 minutes or so, he would come over to me and scrabble at my leg as if to say "Mum, pick me up. Will you play with me now?". To me this showed me more than anything that he loved being with me even when he had a completely free reign around my bedroom. He did get up to some mischief though and loved hiding under the sofa in my bedroom and scrabbling up behind my bedside cabinet onto the top. I took some photos of the different points when he was climbing onto the top of my bedside table and I have put these on this page below. They were taken not long before he got ill.

Photos of OJ

Oj climbing OJ licking out a yoghurt tub! OJ having fun OJ having fun OJ exploring

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