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Marmite wants to introduce herself too ...

Marmite introducing herself

Marmite was almost black with some lighter patches near her back legs.
As she got older her colour changed more to brown.
She was born (with her brothers and sisters - 11 of them in all - including Fudge) on 27th May 2004.
Her mum is PC and her dad is OJ.
Marmite gave birth to a litter of 11 (dad is Screech) on 20th December 2004.

Marmite had major surgery to remove a tumour on Friday 13th (yes!) January 2006.
She was a complete hero and, despite the small chance of her making a full recovery, has come through it and is now stronger than ever.
She is such a special hammie.

Marmite died peacefully in her sleep on 20th August 2006.
I miss her so much.

Photos of Marmite

Marmite Marmite on my keyboard! Marmite and her birthday presents Marmite Marmites babies

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