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Lady Grey

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Like all the other hammies, I will let Lady Grey introduce herself.

Lady Grey introducing herself

Lady Grey came to live with us on 1st February 2009 and as she was about five or six weeks old, she was born around Christmas Day 2008. She is a mostly grey and white hammie although I recently noticed that she has some faint cinammon patches near her back legs. She is quite a small hammie and although being very nervous when she first came to us, she is gaining confidence by the day, as can be seen from the videos.

The picture above reminds me of a similar picture that I took of Bailey.

LG is growing up now and having a lot of fun. She has a run in her exercise ball almost every evening and at weekends this is several hours. With her friend, Minstrel (in her exercise ball too), she runs around our lounge, kitchen and hallway all of which are connected so that they can run round in a complete circle!

On the morning of Sunday 17th May, she managed to get out of her house while we were asleep. She tuned up in Susans bedroom scrabbling up the back of her bed. She did seem to have fun although we have no idea how long she was out. Most of our hammies seem to do this at some point and it almost seems to be a right of passage for them. Needless to say there is now a padlock on the door that she managed to open so hopefully there will not be a repeat of this. As such as I would love to let them run around while we are asleep, it really is not safe for them to do this unless they are supervised.

LG died peacefully in her sleep on 23rd October 2010. I miss you so much, my little friend.

Latest video

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Lady Grey exploring on my bed for the first time.
Video taken on 21st February 2009.

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Lady Grey getting to know a new friend.
Video taken on 21st February 2009.