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Like all the other hammies, I will let Bailey introduce himself ...


He is a cinammon and white hammie, and (like his brother Nibbles) was born around the end of October 2005, so I assumed 31st October as his birthday.
He is called Bailey because he is not quite cinammon coloured; it is similar to the colour of Bailey"s Irish Cream.
Unlike his brother, he is quite a shy and gentle hammie.

I have never known a hammie that loved having their photo taken so much as Bailey. Normally, they will never stay in one place long enough to be able to take good photos. And he is very different, as the photos of him show.

Bailey died peacefully in his sleep on 14th June 2008.
He was nearly 2 years and 8 months and was starting to feel his age over the last few weeks. I miss him so much. I do hope you have reached the Rainbow Bridge and found your brother who was waiting for you for so long.
Rest in peace my little friend.

Photos of Bailey

Bailey loves having his picture taken! Baileys old bedroom on a warm day Bailey and friends ... Bailey climbing stairs Bailey and his exercise ball Bailey posing for the camera again!

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