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This is the home page for the hamsters that have shared their lives with me over the last few years.
These pages are dedicated to these hammies as well as those that live with my friends.

They are wonderful animals who provide me with a lot of joy.
I could not imagine not having at least one hammie in my life.

To see photographs and read about them, please use the "My Hamsters" menu on the left.

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Hamster Rescue UK

Dancing hammie Twitching hammie I have recently discovered Hamster Rescue UK who do an important job in offering a home to old, sick or un-wanted hamsters.

In the news ...

Read about the fuss that was caused when Fudgie decided to go exploring the "spaces in between" (as Frank would say).
Article from the BBC web site on Thursday, 23rd October 2008.
Article from the UK Daily Telegraph web site on Friday, 24th October 2008.

It seems that in the Chinese year of the rat, our furry little friends are in great demand in the East!
Article from the BBC web site on Tuesday, 12th February 2008.

Read about Henry (the hammie) who got stuck down a 4 foot hole and was rescued (after all else failed) using a special attachment on a vacuum cleaner!
Article from the BBC web site on Wednesday, 14th March 2007.

Read about Fudge (not our Fudge) who moved to Scotland after a long trip in a golf bag!
Article from the BBC web site on Tuesday, 26th September 2006.

Read about Mike (the hammie) who had a lucky escape after a tangle with a recycling machine.
Article from the Daily Mail on Friday, 2nd June 2006.

Adopting a hammie

If you are thinking about adopting (as I cannot call it buying) a hammie for the first time, I have found three articles from the BBC web site that provide useful information.
The first is on adopting and homing a hammie, the second explains how to look after a hammie and the final part explains about their behaviour and also provides information on the different breeds.

Hamster stories

My mum has written a book of childrens stories called "Meggie the Witch and Other Stories". One of the stories features Marmite as a spy!

The four books about Frank, the hamster and his adventures are also children""s books and I have read them and think they are excellent.

Latest photos

Peanut looking at the camera Peanut exploring my digital radio Peanut looking at the camera Bailey and his exercise ball Bailey posing for the camera again! Bailey and friends ... Bailey climbing stairs Bailey loves having his picture taken! Baileys old bedroom on a warm day

Click on images to see the full picture.

Latest hammie videos

Cam washing and exploring Lady Grey coming out of her ball Lady Grey getting to know a new friend Minstrel exploring Minstrel playing stairs Peanut exploring the sofa. Peanut exploring under the sofa! Peanut exploring Toastie having fun

Click on image to see the full video.