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Syndication (using RSS - Real Simple Syndication) allows you to keep up to date with what is happening on this site. By subscribing to any of the following RSS feeds, you will know the latest as soon as it is published.

BagelTech News logo Most browsers (including Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 2, Opera and Safari) provide built-in facilities to enable subscriptions. There is also third-party software to do this and organisations (like Google) provide online facilities.

For more information, please read the Wikipedia page on RSS or the information on ths RSS Advisory board.

The following areas of the web site are available to subscribe to. To subscribe, click on the RSS button next to the feed required and then select the subscribe option on the page.

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Sarahs hamsters Sarahs hamstersThese pages are about the hammies that have shared my life. They are very special animals and are just so cute! I hope you enjoy reading about them. Subscribe
Sarahs blog This is my blog where I will explain what is on my mind! Subscribe